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Welcome to the Intelligence Commissioners' website.

Both the Interception of Communications Commissioner, Sir Anthony May, and the Intelligence Services Commissioner, The Rt. Hon. Sir Mark Waller, are appointed by the Prime Minister under section 57 and 59 respectively of the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA, 2000).

The Commissioners provide independent judicial oversight of the conduct of the Intelligence Agencies (Secret Intelligence Service, Security Service and Government Communications Headquarters) and a number of other public authorities with powers under RIPA and associated legislation such as the Intelligence Services Act (1994).

Sir Anthony May's remit covers the interception of communications (Chapter 1 Part 1 of RIPA) and the acquisition and disclosure of communications data(Chapter 1, Part 2 of RIPA), also known as the 'who, where and when'of a communications event.

Sir Mark oversees the use of intrusive powers by the intelligence services such as interference with property and section 7 authorisations under the Intelligence Services Act. The Prime Minister may also direct Sir Mark to keep under review the carrying out of any aspect of the functions of the intelligence services.


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